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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. Is laser hair removal for everyone?

A. Almost everyone can use laser hair removal. However, the treatment has to be personalized for every patient. For specialist advice on laser hair removal in Allen, Texas, visit SilkDerm Laser Medical Clinic.

Laser hair removal targets hair roots. It is more effective against:

  • darker hair because these absorb laser more readily
  • lighter skin as it absorbs less laser leaving more to be absorbed by the hair roots
  • hair in the growth stage as these hair are darker and their roots are largest

Light-sensitive medication reacts with lasers. Hormones affect hair growth and react with lasers. Therefore:

  • if on medication, consult the laser hair removal specialist before starting treatment
  • pregnant women must avoid it before delivery due to changed hormone levels
  • pre-puberty kids must not undergo this as their hormone levels are not stabilized

Other considerations include:

  • avoid exposure to sun before and during treatment as sun tans the skin
  • darker skinned people require a bleaching program before treatment
  • light haired people require hair darkening before treatment

Q. Is laser hair removal painful?

A. Not really. Laser Hair Removal sometimes produces a feeling similar to a snap from a rubber band. It can also slightly redden or swell the skin.

SilkDerm Laser Medical Clinic uses the Alma Soprano ICE for laser hair removal. With the SHRTM technology, In-MotionTM technique, and ICE Combination Cooler, our hair removal process is painless, cooler, smoother, and faster.

Additionally, we have cold towels and cool gels for quick action against any possible discomfort. For more personalized advice on laser hair removal in Allen, Texas, visit SilkDerm Laser Medical Clinic.

Q. Does laser hair removal permanently eliminate unwanted hair?

A. Near permanently. Laser hair removal targets hair roots. It acts best against hair in the growth stage when their roots are largest and when they are darkest.

All body hair are never in the same stage at any point of time. Therefore, multiple treatment sessions are needed to eliminate all hair roots. A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 treatment sessions are needed for permanent hair removal in most patients.

Q. Is removal of hair by lasers safe?

A. Laser hair removal conducted by qualified and experienced professionals is safe.

We are amongst the most experienced and most qualified laser hair removal professionals. Our skilled team finalizes a customized treatment package for every patient. All packages are administered with utmost care and expertise.

Visit SilkDerm Laser Medical Clinic for expert opinion on laser hair removal in Allen, Texas.

Q. Which body areas can be safely treated by laser hair removal?

A. Almost all areas can be treated safely – face, chest, arms, legs, underarms, neck, and bikini line. This includes sensitive areas such as nose, ears, lips, and groins.

Eyelids cannot be treated because they are highly sensitive. Neither can body areas with a permanent make up or tattoo be treated as the skin in such areas affects the power of the laser.

Q. How many laser treatment sessions are needed?

A. Between 5 and 8 sessions depending on the skin type of the patient.

Hair grows in cycles. Laser hair removal eliminates hair in the growth phase only. All hair are not in the same stage at the same time. Multiple treatment sessions after fixed intervals ensure that all hair roots are eliminated only after they reach the growth stage.

Hair growth depends on the age, weight, ethnicity, metabolism, hormones, and medication being taken by the patient. Such differences mean each patient needs different number of treatment sessions.
For more on laser hair removal in Allen, Texas, visit SilkDerm Laser Medical Clinic.

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